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In Home Nursing Care Los Angeles

In-home nursing care isn’t just for those with terminal illnesses, complex diseases, or in recovery from a serious injury. A nursing agency in Los Angeles can also help seniors and the disabled with tasks that would normally be performed in a hospital, nursing home, or rehabilitation center. When individuals can be independent with the aid of family caregivers, the right nursing agency in Los Angeles can provide medical and non-medical services with personalized care and support.

Although our specialty is to provide non-medical in home caregivers services, we are also affiliated with our sister company, Home Health company in Los Angeles, which is a Medicare and Joint Commission certified home health agency that offers services such as: 

What is In Home Nursing Care?

In-home nursing care in Los Angeles allows seniors, disabled, diseased, or recovering individuals to stay in the comfort of their homes or the home of their loved ones. It has been proven that many people who do not need 24-hour nursing care thrive and recover better at home. The primary goal of a nursing agency in Los Angeles is to provide personalized and professional services as needed to keep seniors and patients in the comfort of home. Most often, in-home nursing care involves non-medical support for patients and caregivers through medication management, general hygiene, and housekeeping. Medical support and a Los Angeles on-call nurse are also options we offer.

What Services Are Provided By Private On Call Nurses?

In-home nursing care in Los Angeles is personalized to meet your needs, whether or how often you need them. The best nursing agencies in Los Angeles provide the following services:


Hiring an on-call nurse reduces stress on both patients and their caregivers, particularly when full-time nursing is not truly required. Patients do better and recover faster when they are able to stay in their own homes. Having a Los Angeles on-call nurse is the best way to give yourself peace of mind that you or your loved one will be able to remain safe and healthy at home.

Finding the Right Nursing Agency in Los Angeles

In-home nursing care in Los Angeles begins with a nursing agency that understands and meets your needs or the needs of your loved one. 

24 Hour & After Hours Nurses

At any moment, if a professional Registered Nurse (RN) is needed, we can gladly refer you or your loved ones to our recommended home health agency.  Besides just Registered Nurses (RNs), 24-7 Quality Infusion & Home Health also employs a wide range of medical professionals such as: 

Importance of Nursing Agencies in Los Angeles

A nursing agency is the best way to find the in-home nursing care you or your loved one needs to remain comfortable at home. The right nursing agency will be able to help you identify those needs and partner you with a nurse that can meet them. Qualified in-home health nurses and caregivers are more readily available than most people realize. Our Los Angeles nursing agency makes these services more accessible. Choosing the right nursing agency in Los Angeles is vital for ensuring that you get the in-home care needed with tailored care from reliable, experienced nurses and caregivers. Nursing agencies can also help coordinate care between caregivers, doctors, and other medical or nonmedical professionals involved in the overall care of seniors, the disabled, the injured, and the ill.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Nursing Agency

As with any service, not all nursing agencies are the same. Choosing the right agency to establish in-home nursing care in Los Angeles is the important first step to keeping seniors and others in the comfort of their homes. 

Accreditation and Licensing: The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) accredits nurses and the agencies that employ them. Additional licensing is required for Los Angeles on-call nurses visiting patients at home, with fewer requirements for non medical in-home care. All nurses from the agency should have this license to practice.

Experience and Expertise: It is important to choose in-home nursing care in Los Angeles from providers that have the experience and expertise in the services your loved one needs most. Just as with doctors, nurses have specialties and areas of expertise. The right nursing agency will have an array of nurses with varying capabilities to meet the needs of all.

Range of Services: In-home nursing care isn’t just about medical care, it is also about daily activities such as dressing, bathing, running errands, cooking, or simply companionship. The right nursing agency in Los Angeles will provide a range of services to make your stay at home as comfortable, healthy, and safe as possible. 

Availability and Communication: Many seniors and other independent adults do not require constant nursing or supervision. However, it is still important to choose a nursing agency that has nurses available 24/7 and on-call, with clear communication through a variety of channels.

In Home Nursing Care in Los Angeles FAQs

Who can benefit from in-home nursing care services?
Seniors who wish to stay at home are often able to do so with in-home nursing care services. The disabled, mentally ill, or terminally ill can also benefit from in-home nursing care.

Can in-home nurses administer medication and perform medical procedures?
Yes, most in-home nurses can administer medication, as well as pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy and run other medical or nonmedical errands. Certain nurses can perform medical procedures such as IV infusions, injections, wound care, oxygen treatments, and ensure medical equipment or treatments are being administered properly.

How can I find a reliable nursing agency in Los Angeles?
The best way to find a reliable nursing agency in Los Angeles is through referrals and careful research. 24Hour Caregivers partners with a sister-company that provides in-home health nurses for these and other services.

Home Care vs Nursing Home – Why Should I Choose Home Based Nursing?
Home care is always preferable to a nursing home when it is possible. Most seniors do not truly require assistance day in and day out, and in these cases home-based nursing services are the best route toward maintaining independence and reducing financial burden.