Welcome to Oregon Caregivers In Home Senior Care

Oregon Caregiver Registry -Providing an affordable solution to your elder loved ones care needs.

Oregon Caregiver Registry uses a unique in-home care program designed to supply better
caregivers and better care. It creates a close and personal relationship between you and
your caregiver. You receive placement from a state registered agency and only choose
from caregivers that are screened, registered and insured. Working with a registry you save cost on
care in your on home, create your own custom program and sacrifice nothing.

Six Easy Steps to Better Care:

  1. You register with the Oregon Caregiver Registry.
  2. You define what amount of care you want and the schedule you require.
  3. We will set up interviews with screened and insured caregiver candidates.
  4. You select the caregivers that would best  match your family’s needs and preferences.
  5. You establish pay rates with your caregivers (you pay them direct – we can refer payroll processing if needed).
  6. You pay a monthly fee to Oregon Caregiver Registry based on your needs.

By using a registry (as opposed to traditional caregiving programs) you control your care:

  1. No extra charges for additional services.
  2. Flexible scheduling.
  3. You work with caregivers you choose.
  4. Access to Emergency fill-in and replacement caregivers.

Oregon Caregivers serves the Rogue Valley, Medford, Ashland and Central Point.