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We are here to help you will all your questions and concerns. Read our Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, if you stil have questions, feel free to contact us using the form on this page or by calling us at (866) 681-7778.

Most Frequent Questions and Answers

How long have you been in business?

24 Hour Caregivers, Inc. was founded in 2008. Prior to founding 24 Hour Caregivers, Mr. Allen Tahir has work in many parts of the home health care related fields. Feel free to read about the CEO and how he founded our company.

What kind of services do you provide?

24 Hour Caregivers is a full service non-medical providers of in home caregivers. We provide services to all ages above the age of 13.

Our services include; Alzheimer care, companionship, errands and transportation, hygiene assistance, light housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders, on call nurses, personal care.

Where do you provide services?

24 Hour Caregivers provides in home caregiver services to most communities within the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County. To check if there is coverage within your specific city, please check our coverage areas.

Are your caregivers insured and bonded?

Yes. Every caregiver is a 24 Hour Caregivers' employee. To help ensure the safety and well being of our clients, we perform a criminal history background clearance and then cover each caregiver with general liability and workers' compensation insurance.

Will I have a choice of who comes to my house?

Yes. Every caregiver is a Right at Home employee. To help ensure the safety and well being of our clients, we perform a criminal history background clearance and then cover each caregiver with general liability and workers' compensation insurance.

Will we always receive care from the same caregiver?

At 24 Hour Caregivers, our goal is to establish a long-term caregiving relationship with your loved one. Should your family want to request another caregiver for any reason, we'll search for a match until your family is happy. We understand that a strong rapport and trust with a caregiver is vital to a successful home care experience.

If your loved one receives care for many hours in a day or at different times of the day throughout the week, it may be necessary to schedule more than one caregiver in a given week. If your family requires multiple caregivers, our goal is the same: we want you to be satisfied and happy. We'll do what it takes to make sure we achieve that goal.

Can 24 Hour Caregivers help with medications?

Yes, Medical Reminders and medication intake management plays a big role in our services. Please click here for more information regarding medication reminder services.

Can I change or discontinue the services that we receive?

Yes. You can change the number or type of service that we provide for you or your loved one whenever it's necessary. We understand the care situation can quickly change, so we're as flexible as possible with your loved one's care. Plus, you're never bound to a long-term contract, so you can discontinue your relationship with 24 Hour Caregivers at your discretion.

How can I verify that a shift was completed?

24 Hour Caregivers uses several tools to track our caregivers. First, we use simple timesheets filled out by each caregiver. Then, we use a combination of Internet-based solutions to verify time and attendance. This allows you to have a written record of services within the home where care is provided. And we can provide written verification at any time.

Also, our itemized invoices are always sent after services are complete. This lets you ask any questions about time or date of care, and it allows us to make any schedule adjustments before your invoice is sent.

Do I need a physicians authorization to receive your services?

No. You don't need pre-authorization, pre-qualification, certification or even a prescription for our in-home caregiver services. You choose the services you want, when to start those services and how often those services are used.

If you request assistance with billing a private insurance policy (such as long-term care insurance) for our services, we're happy to help with the entire "benefits coordination" process. This includes providing any documentation you need for reimbursement by an insurance carrier.

What are the costs of your services?

Every family we serve receives a Custom Care Plan specific to their needs and budget. Several factors help determine the exact cost:

Our services are typically billed on an hourly basis. This makes it easy to make a Custom Care Plan for you. To discuss the exact rates for the services you may need, contact our office. We’ll set up an in-home consultation to begin discussing a Custom Care Plan and the rates for each service on your plan.

We always provide a written rate sheet prior to initiating services. Rates will never be increased without at least thirty days notice.

Are home care services covered by insurance or Medicare?

Medicare does provide an Eligibility Tool to see if your family qualifies, but they typically don't pay for the type of hourly personal care service that 24 Hour Caregivers provides. 24 Hour Caregivers may be able to provide documentation to third parties such as long-term care insurance companies that could help you obtain the best coverage possible.

Additionally, 24 Hour Caregivers has preferred relationships with many companies who either fully reimburse or partially reimburse for home healthcare. Typical accounts for reimbursement include reverse mortgage, health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible spending accounts.

We also work with reimbursement programs like the Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit, which is a benefit paid in addition to the monthly pension paid to Veterans and surviving spouses who require our services.

Do I pay the caregiver directly?

No. You (or an authorized representative) are only invoiced after the completion of services. Usually, this happens weekly. You never have to pay caregivers directly. And you'll never be asked to pay an additional fee to any employee.

How is the privacy of my personal information maintained?

24 Hour Caregivers takes privacy very seriously, please click here to view our complete privacy policy. .

Do you offer a free assessment?

Yes. Our initial assessments are completely free of charge. Please contact us for more information on our free in home consultation.

Do you have any daily minimum hourly requirements?

No. At 24 Hour Caregivers, we provide ourselves for always going the extra mile step to provide excellent service to our clients. Click here to read more about our no minimum hourly requirements.

Is there a full time nurse in case of a medical concern?

Yes. We a have a full time Registered Nurse, and/or a Licensed Vocational Nurse in our office during our regular office hours; which are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST. You can rest assure that in case of any non-emergency medical concerns, you can always call to speak to one our experienced nursing staff.

What are the next steps to sign up?

Give us a call. We'll arrange a time to visit you, your family and/or any authorized representative to fully discuss your particular situation and how 24 Hour Caregivers can help.

Together, we'll go over the care your family needs and the care we provide. We'll answer all of your questions regarding services and costs. Then, we'll begin putting together your Custom Care Plan and matching your loved one with the right caregiver. Usually, care can begin within a matter of a 24-48 hour.

Request a Free Consultation

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It's hard to find a good home care service that you can rely on and fully trust their employees. 24 Hour Caregivers is what caregiver services should be like. Experienced personnel, very punctual and trustworthy. Any time there's an issue or if you have any questions, you just call them and reach a real person, not a robot, and they just answer all your questions and help with any concerns you might have, keeping the highest level of professionalism. Allen has been very helpful with getting us the help we needed. I'm extremely grateful and we'll only use 24 Hour Caregivers services in LA from now on.
Tengiz A.
They were wonderful when taking care of my mother after surgery. Justine was kind and my mother felt comfortable having her in her home alone.
Andrea H.
After having several disappointing experiences with other home care agencies, we've finally been able to find an agency who can manage their staff and provide a professional home health service. The owner Allen and his wonderful team at 24 hour caregiver were able to turn our negative experience into a positive by providing the right caregivers who are trained, speak fluent English, and are truly compassionate about caring for seniors. Best of all, Allen is reachable at any time and the day via phone, text or email, making it super easy in getting updates on my grandmothers care. We are delighted to be working with such a professional home care company and we'd be happy to share it with others who are in need of help. Highly recommended.
aleksandra d.
My family and I couldn't be happier with the service provided. We searched endlessly online and went through several companies to find help for our grandfathers difficult situation. Once we came across 24 hour caregivers, we knew that we were in great hands. The evaluation process was a breeze. Everything was clear and to the point. The best part of it all was that Allen worked with us. He helped us solve our difficult schedule rather than just sit there, pile on some info and make a quick buck. At that point, we knew that our grandfather was in great hands. It has been several months since he's been on service and it has been nothing but smooth sailing. Being the stubborn old man that my grandfather is, I have never seen him so satisfied with his caregiver. Thank you guys so much!!
Felix K.
I'm so happy with 24 hour Caregivers. They were sooo helpful, and my grandma was soo happy with them as well! Such a nice team! I highly recommend them !
Fidan H.
I was referred to 24 Hour Caregiver by a close friend and I couldn't be happier with my choice! Allen and the whole team were truly amazing. My family used 24 Hour Caregiver services after my grandmother had surgery. The team was amazing and extremely responsive; very helpful to me and my family in a time of need. The caregivers were very compassionate, reliable and took care of my grandmother as if they were family. Would highly recommend their services to everyone.
Naro Y.
Wonderful caregiving agency. Weve been using their service for about 3 months, and thyeve had an excellent expeirnce so far. Allen and his team truly provide a tailored service. My elderly granmother is very halppy.
Masha S.
We needed a 24 hour live in nurse for my uncle that was under hospice care. After searching and interviewing several agencies, Allen and his team at 24 hour care stood out among the few we interviewed. After they conducted their initial free in home consultation, they were able to recommend 2 excellent nurses that took excellent care of my uncle. They were always on time, took daily notes of their care, and always were friendly and professional. We'd recommend 24 hr home care to anyone in need of such services.
Gennady P.
After a long and painful research, I found 24 hour caregivers and I have to say that they did an amazing job by helping us with my mother in-law after her surgery. Very professional and highly motivated stuff, along with taking care of her, they also were helping with chores around the house. Def recommend them!
M J.
Allen is the best. We had a hard situation at home with our grandmother. I scoured the Internet looking for a home care agency, but allen was the most responsive. He came over and evaluated our grandmother for what she needed. He was very mindful of all our needs. Next he found a caregiver he thought would be a good match. My grandmother interviewed this caregiver and she was so satisified. Grandma was doubtful she would be satisfied but it's been 3 weeks and she loves her caregiver. Allen thanks so much for helping our family.
Sheyla G.
24 hour caregivers provided us with an excellent service and a well trained and experienced caregiver. Their 24 hour live in rate was very competitive amongst the few companies they we compared them to. I am very happy that we used their service especially happy with the caregiver, Anne. She was a vital part of our post-surgery recovery period. I highly recommend this family owned Los Angeles based home care company.
Vladimir Z.
I was doing a lot of reaserch on home care companies for my mother after her surgery and after making numerous calls I was very impressed with, first, the quality of their customer service. The girl I talked to took her time and was very patient with me beause after all day of calling different companies I was extemely frustrated. As far as the actual care I couldn't be more pleased. They worked with the hospital case manager and made sure the transition went as smooth as possible and without delay. We then had several nurses come to my mother's home and they were very professional and caring. After watching the news and seeing how some of these people treat the elderly I can say I have every confidence with this company that my mother is safe and well taken care of. We couldn't be more pleased.
Nikita C.
Services that require very personal touch these guys have it down! Great agency that listens, communicates and accommodates. 24 Hour Caregivers are there for the family 24 hours. Their staff is professional, experienced and passionate and management is easy to deal with and is always ready to meet customers needs.
Vika S.
24 Hour Caregivers is an all around amazing company. Every person from this company who cared for my father was outstanding. They were professional and had that extra something that made them stand out. They truly care and are passionate about their work. 24 Hour Caregivers has an exceptional team and I would recommend them to everyone in need of this service! I am truly thankful to them for taking such special care of my loved one.
Haley R.
I want to start of by saying this is the best caregiver company I've ever seen, the service they provide is reliable, fast and affordable. Staff is very nice, pleasant to talk to, and will answer any questions. Caregivers are professional, caring, patient, friendly, and very understanding. My experience with 24hour caregivers was really good, and I would recommend them to everyone who needs care and long term stay with elderly people.
Victoria D.
I recently checked out 24 Hour Caregivers for my 84 year old mother. They came highly recommended to me by a friend of mine who used there services. He told me he liked them a lot. They were always on time and very friendly. My mom doesn't need a caregiver today but I don't want to wait till the last minute, so I took the time to interview several caregivers and I really liked these guys. They answered all my questions, no matter how detailed, and the staff seems very friendly and knowledgeable. My mom is getting up in age and I feel better now knowing when the time comes I'm going to have 24 Caregivers there to help me
Mark T.
24 Hour Caregivers was extremely responsive to my call for help and my post operative needs. Thank you for hiring compassionate caretakers. Veronica V. (Valley Village/NOHO).
Nikki V.
One of the hardest parts of life is realizing that your loved ones really can't care for themselves. Its probably even harder to find a reliable person in Los Angeles who cares and wants to help. These guys really take this business seriously - always responsive, always available. The staff is very caring, they have basically taken the entire process onto themselves, all we have to do is pay the bills. Thank you!
George F.
I love this company. I was having constant problems with incredible incompetence and almost frightening treatment of some very loving seniors at retirement homes, I will not mention. It's been almost a year, and I am happier than ever. The girls are so cheerful (cute) and they are there to do their job, not to watch t.v and raid your fridge. They proudly stick to their policies, which prompts the staff to follow them. I recommend to anyone looking for a safe, reliable and lively environment to give them a call. Allen and Sabina in HR always seem happy to answer any of my questions, day and night.
Sasha N.
I love this company. I was having constant problems with theft from other places, and even worse at retirement homes, so a friend recommended me here. It's been almost a year and my dad is happier than ever. The girls are so cheerful and there to do their job, not to watch t.v. I recommend to anyone looking for a safe and lively environment to give them a call.
Sasha N.
What a team! They treat you like family and are extremely responsive to any concerns or questions you might have. You don't get the runaround that you may usually encounter with services of this kind. My family has used them and I have recommended them to friends and family. What else do you need when you can feel safe leaving your loved ones alone with a caregiver and seeing them happy at the end of the day? 5 stars!!!
Elena S.
Awesome !!! Great and respectful people that care with love. It's important for a patient to feel like they are being cared with love. My grandmother had a major surgery and needed help around the house. 24 hour caregivers helped her in ways I could not, they would come around the clock if not full day and night. They cooked, cleaned and helped her walk and so on...she recovered faster than any other person. I am thankful to the caregivers in 24 hour caregivers . And I defiantly recommend.
Alex M.
I have used different Caregiver services for my older grandmother. But this one is the best by far in Los Angeles. 24 Hour caregivers can spend all day with a client and provide great service. I also asked for couple of favors and a supervisor was very understanding and sweet. I couldn't ask for a better home care. I feel 100% safe to live my grandmother with their caregivers. Highly reccomend!
Maria A.
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